Ranking of ‘welfare and work’ Journals

In an earlier post, I had presented a brief ranking of political science journals. Though there is some degree of overlap, I thought it useful to look at Journals that deal more specifically with the welfare state. So here is the 2008 Impact factor for selected Journals on the welfare state:

European Journal of Political Research     2.51
Journal of Common Market Studies       1.84
Journal of European Public Policy          1.81
Comparative Political Studies                 1.71
Politics and Society                                1.45
West European Politics                         1.42
Public Administration                             1.27
Scandinavian Political Studies                1.26
Ageing and Society                               1.22
Journal of European Social Policy          1.16
Governance                                         1.14
Social Policy and Administration           1.00
British Journal of Political Science         0.96
Critical Social Policy                            0.90
Journal of Social Policy                        0.73
Acta Politica                                         0.67
Comparative Politics                             0.65
Political Studies                                    0.63
International Journal of Social Welfare  0.63
Social Politics                                       0.51

This list is taken from page 25 of the  Editorial resources in work and welfare which is compiled by the publication centre of the RECwowe network. Disclaimer: as they note on page 24 “the rankings with which we come up in the … tables should not be interpreted uncritically”.